Kim Kardashian Style (D)evolution

4 years ago

I`m not a fan of Kim, neither a hater, I just love(d) her fashion sense and I was such a stocker for her style LOL!! Lately she has been loosing her fashion sense I think... She has been wearing really wired clothes, unflattering for her, she has been wearing dresses to her knees and tall boots... Long dresses and skirt, which in my opinion doesn`t flatter her at all, and I also don`t like the way she has been styling her hair, I tihnk that the middle part matches her much better than the side part, I also don`t like the bangs to be honest!!
This look above is probably the most fashionable one she has been wearing for a long time... I don`t love it but considering everything that she`s been wearing this couple of months it`s great LOL!! I just don`t like the legenth of the skirt, I think it would look better if it was shorter, but on the other hand I don`t find the blouse appropriated for this kind of look, it`s just the long sleves that aren`t working for me with the skirt, because I really like the nude shade of it!!

For me it`s a hit but not an outfit that makes me excited as her previous ones used to, she looks good just that, I really would like to see some of her previous outfits again :D!!!

What do you think?

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