Kim Kardashian Shutdown Megaupload - The Megaupload Song

5 years ago

By now you might have already seen the news about megaupload and being shutdown by the FBI. I was shocked at how much money they made from it, even though i always thought it was a lucrative website, its difficult to really imagine how much they made.
But since 2005, why only now the FBI attacked the website?! Well, it seems that this song might had something to do with this.

The tittle of this post might seem a bit excessive lol but she and artists like kaney West, and others were part of the song that advertise megaupload and on it they say how they use megaupload and love it to share files.
This song apparently didn`t go well with the industry and that is said to help the FBI get more motivation to shut it down.
I didn`t know about the song until now that I was looking at megaupload news but it seems like they were just paid to say the others and nothing more.

<strong>Had you seen this before?Do you think this song is related to the megaupload shutdown?</strong>

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