Kim kardashian Nose Job

5 years ago

Hey there everybody.
So this was something I have been noticing trough out the keeping up with the kardashian episodes and all of the other kardashian reality shows. Specially in the special episodes of kims marriage. In the part where it shows the old pictures of her and her dad... she had a pretty big nose way back then, like if you watch that episode you can definitely tell so. Her nose doesn`t look like the one she has now at all! And yeah I know people change and grow and what so ever! But she wasn`t really at a growing stage already (she didn`t look like so) and even if you grow and stuff your nose doen`t change much! So I actually believe she actually had a nose job, and maybe not one, but two because the difference between the old nose of the picture is still pretty different from the one she had in those pictures or films with her dad. So yeah.
I am not trying to criticize her at all! I think she is a pretty girl.
But I think this does show how small alterations can do big differences, It also shows how people are far away from perfect. I mean perfection doesn`t exist. Because everyone is different and everyone has their own features and beauty so we can`t be compared in those aspects, but we can be compared with our selfs. Don`t compare you to other compare you to yourself.
So I will already say good bey because this is going to be a quite long post already :)


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