Kim Kardashian is pressing charges against flour bomber!

5 years ago

Kim Kardashian sure knows how to stay in the press! Kim was recently flour bombed on the red carpet while she was promoting her fragrance. An unidentified woman (affiliated with PETA) walked up behind Kim and dumped a bag of flour on her before quickly being whisked away by security.

Kim was in shock but quickly brushed the flour off herself and returned back onto the red carpet making a makeup joke. At that time Kim said that she was not going to press charges but a few days later she must of had a change of heart. I guess Kim was more embarrassed than she acted. I mean, I understand that she was a bit humiliated, but she wasn`t in danger. It wasn`t like someone was trying to hurt her physically or anything. The person who flour bombed her was trying to make a statement against wearing fur.

It`s Kim`s choice to wear real fur. I think she knows that she will continue to face criticism for her fashion choices. I don`t think pressing charges on that woman will do her any justice though, it seems to be a waste of her time. Kim should take the higher road and just laugh it off! Kim has said on her twitter account that she was being bullied. What do you guys think about this??

Was flour-bombing Kim something that was wrong to do? Or should Kim not take it as seriously? Whose side are you on?


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