Kim Kardashian in Style while getting Gas!

Although I am not a Kim Kardashian fan-- I have to admit her fashion style is very fashionable and stylish. Her blazer is a *hot* item this Spring. I searched everywhere and mint blazers are hard to come across. The cheapest was from TopShop and the rest are in the range of $300-700! Fashion designers/brands should keep in mind about mint and release some blazers for a cheaper alternative cause I bet that will sell quick for this season`s trend! If you`re a fan of mint they have some mint skinnies at Forever 21 for a good price, under $20!

<strong>How did Kim Kardashian style her look?</strong>
A.L.C. Mint Blazer with Black Contrast Lapels
Black Skinny Jeans to give her a nice figure
Black Circle Top - I am assuming it`s a tank top
Long Necklace with some spikes?
Squared Shape Hoops
Oxford-like Black Pumps

<em>Since her blazer is a pop of color "mint" which is a huge color trend this Spring she chose to keep everything else black to match the hint of color on her blazer. For accessories she`s wearing silver.</em>

<strong>Kim`s Outfit for Less:</strong>
Mint Blazer $70 from Topshop -;storeId=13052&amp;productId=4833279&amp;langId=-1&amp;sort_field=Relevance&amp;categoryId=208640&amp;parent_categoryId=208580&amp;pageSize=20&amp;refinements=category~[209871|208640]&amp;noOfRefinements=1&amp;siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-DWbsuccN2uNfcNqBGg.5XA&amp;cmpid=aff_ls_tsus&amp;_$ja=tsid:21416|prd:J84DHJLQkR4
<em>Kim`s exact blazer is a whopping $698! If you`re interested in checking out the exact blazer:;siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-RHMybtf9lgadDCmRstx61Q&amp;cid=LS&lt;/em&gt;
Black Circle Tank $16.99 from Charlotte Russe -;cm_mmc=PJ-_-20648-_-363481867-_-ADZCHIC
Black Jeans $34.99 from Charlotte Russe -
Spike Necklace $9.80 -;ProductID=1083315418&amp;utm_source=google&amp;utm_medium=base&amp;utm_campaign=product_feed
Oxford Pumps $49.99 -;tag=wwwshopstylec-20&amp;linkCode=asn&amp;creative=395093&amp;creativeASIN=B004O8EB2C

<strong><em>What do you think of Kim`s outfit?</strong></em>I really like it! The mint makes you glow and it`s a pop of color.

Not relating to fashion but I always thought you`re supposed to pump up a Ferrari`s gas with "special gas" not just gas from the 76. I wonder how much her gas tank cost her now that gas is like $4.37 a gallon. Speaking about gas, I just pumped gas today and spend $60 -__-!

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