KIM KARDASHIAN Has More Followers Than OBAMA?

5 years ago

*Gasp* and yup, you read that right. Kim Kardashian has just recently passed Obama in followers on Twitter! Now she is more popular than our president... by over 5 million people... This is kinda scary.

When Kim learned about this news, she took to her twitter to thank her fans with this quote-
`OMG 14 million! I can`t believe it! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!`,
Plus some extra pictures of herself blowing kisses into the camera... =0 (not much of a surprise there)

Kim now owns the 7th largest number of followers on Twitter which also puts her ahead of the Oprah and Bill Gates.

The top 6 celebrities are
1. Lady Gaga with over 20 million followers
2. Justin Bieber with over 18 million followers
3. Katy Perry with over 16 million followers
4+5 Rihanna ties with Shakira as they both have around 15 million followers
6. Britney Spears.

Obama is number 8 on the Twitter list with just a little over 13 million followers!

The photos above show some other photos that Kim posted of herself after learning about this news. I found this quite shocking that someone who doesn`t do much for a living passes our president who does a lot! I also think it is crazy for Justin Bieber to be #2 on the list ?? How is that even possible?

What do you think of this news?
Do you think Kim deserves her spot?

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