Kim Kardashian has Cancer?

4 years ago

No not exactly. But if the media had their ways with warping Celebrity quotes she would! She recieved a lot of flack this past week for supposedly being quoted as comparing her recent struggles of "televising her wedding, splitting from the groom 72 days later" to that of a cancer patient! So did she really say those things?

According to Kim...
taken way out of context, as is often the case with quotes pulled from interviews I told of how I had called a female fan who was battling cancer, and she told me how she had watched the show and seen how I had faced my own struggles, and had been inspired by how I had found the courage to change a situation that was making me unhappy, the reality star wrote. She told me how her life had completely changed when she was diagnosed, and a lot of friends had deserted her, which is something I said I could relate to. In no way was I comparing my own experiences to that of a cancer patient. I was merely talking about how there are times in your life, and everyone goes through them, when you find out who loves you enough to stand by you through thick and thin.

Read the link below for the entire interview as well her original interview in which she was misconstrued. Poor Kim! Though from the original interview I can see how people got the wrong idea.

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