Kim Kardashian Gets a Flour Bath(With Video)

5 years ago

A (crazy) woman was not happy with Kim Kardashian for some reason and decided to show her feelings about Kim on a red carpet event.
While on a red carpet doing interviews, Kim Kardashian was surprised by a complete flour bath, or a flour bomb, that a woman that managed to get into the red carpet put on her. It seems that the attack was in a fur protest because the woman screamed "fur hag" at Kim while she threw the flour.

Kim was taken out of the red carpet right away and appeared soon after like nothing happened and clean. The woman was stopped by a PR and then by security people that called the police and the woman was arrested.

Im not really a fan of Kim but i think it was disrespectful and stupid. It doesnt really get a point across and it does nothing but give the woman that threw the flour in trouble.
PETA has said they have nothing to do with the attack but are not exactly against it.

<strong>What do you thinnk of the whole situation of Kim getting a flour bath?
Are you a Kim/Kardashians fan?</strong>

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