Kim K. Glutten Free Diet Results - Is It Worth It?! + Her Intense Exercise Regimen

4 years ago

It looks like a new trend is starting gluten free diet. Kim Kardashian tweeted this pic ( well, expect the censored part because I know some more revealing pics are not always well accepted, even though I think there isnt anything wrong with this one or that it is too inappropriate see the link to the original on the source .

</strong>So what is Kim doing to keep healthy and get this figure? A gluten free diet ( and some photoshop)</strong>. Kim said Changing my eating habits makes a big difference, which includes eating a more organic-based diet, free of refined sugars (quoted from the source). And Kim is not the only one to go into this gluten free diet because apparently Miley is on it to but she is doing it for a different reason, an allergy to gluten.

But diet is most of it but not everything because <strong>exercise</strong> is very important and Kim follows a fitness regimen that includes morning treadmill runs and strength training at night. Seems a bit excessive to do both at the same day, I would say one day cardio, other strength training seems to make more sense and easier, but she must have trainers that help her.

About the diet, I honestly dont know what to think of it. My first reaction is that it seems a bit unnecessary because I think that only people that are allergic to gluten should really cut it out. Im always a bit suspicious when diets cut out certain foods, unless its candy/sugar/fast food/processed foods but I guess this wont hurt, I mean, its much better than crash diets with super low calories,.

<strong>What do you think of the gluten free diet? Is it something you would consider doing?
What do you think of Kims workout regimen for a day : too much or okay?</strong>

(Picture from the source but censored by me)

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