Kiki Cat iphone 4 case

4 years ago

I got this case after i saw it in night market two to three weeks ago and i fell in love with it! But it was $15 and i like deals so i didn`t think that i would buy it on the spot since i saw the same case on ebay! So i went back on ebay and i found the best deal every! This case was only $3.99 and its from a top seller. There is about seven colors to choose from but i choose the light blue since thats the one that caught my eyes.

Whats unique about this case is that there is a kitty that is hanging on your phone and the head is poking up on the corner of your phone. To turn on and off your phone, all you have to do is to just nod your kitty`s head. I really thought that the idea was really cool! The case is made out of hard plastic and isn`t flumsy for the price. The kitty is matte but the case itself is glossy. There is a little bit of shimmer but it doesn`t scream disco ball which i really like :).

Some things that i really don`t like is the fact that the kitty on and off button. I already hate technology as it is and if it makes it more difficult for me as it is, then its a no go. Underneath the kitty is this piece of plastic that is sticking out the same shape as the on/off button. I think its because they manufactured it too long so it just keeps pressing down on it so it makes my phone wanna shut down. Thanks annoyinggg!!

The bottom of the case where you would charge your phone, it is thin enough so that you don`t have to take your phone out to charge which is nice since i have to do that everyday at night >_<. The case holds the phone really tight so thats really nice too :).

Overall I think this is a good buy. I do like the design of the case and the quality for $3.99 is unbeatable. I just wish it didn`t keep holding down the on/off button >_<. If you want to get this case on ebay, just type in "Kiki cat iphone 4 case."

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