Kiev`s Genocide Momorial

I took this picture of The Holodomor (Ukraines Genocide) statue in Kiev in 2008 when I was there for Ukraines Independence Day. Its a memorial located in a busy square in downtown Kiev near St. Michaels Cathedral. When I was there again this past summer for Euros, it was nice to see that there were still flowers around it. The statue was erected to remember & honor all those who died during the great famine of 1932-1933 brought on by Stalins regime. Holodomor literally translates to death by hunger
After Lenins death when Stalin came to rule, he tried to destroy Ukraine. He needed Ukraines fertile soil for his 5 year plan to industrialize Russia. Stalin forced peasants & farmers to give up their private land & livestock to fund cities and industrial workers. They were not able to keep any grain or meat they produced for themselves. Those who refused were taken from their homes & shipped to the frozen tundra of Siberia to fend for themselves.
In 1932 the genocide began. Any person caught keeping just a few grains of wheat were executed. Cause of death on many death certificates simply stated Ukrainian. There were hundreds of military blockades preventing food coming into villages. Stalin also set up house raids where all stored food was confiscated. At one point the death rate was up to 250,000 Ukrainians a day & more than half of them were children.
In a one year span, over 10 million innocent Ukrainians died. For comparison sake, the Holocaust took roughly the same amount of lives in over 6 years, with people from many countries.
Why is the Holodomor not in history books, not talked about in the news, but the Holocaust is? Simply put Russian cover up! Its sad, and embarrassing. Russia claims it never happened, even though there are images & people still alive today to account for it. They claim it was disease, even though KGB reports are slowly making an appearance. History books in Ukraine couldnt acknowledge the famine until Ukraine gained Independence in 1991. Out of the 196 countries in the world, less than 2 dozen actually acknowledge that the genocide happened. The US does recognize it & there is a memorial being built in Washington DC, but its still not in History books.
Every year there is a solemn march in NYC from 7th street (Where the Ukrainian church is) to Saint Patricks Cathedral in remembrance. This year that march is being taken place this coming Saturday. My friends and I are all planning on going, even though many are still dealing with Sands aftermath, there should be a good amount of people going since it is the 80 year anniversary. 5 years ago we had about 2,000 people marching and over 3,000 people attended the mass in St. Pattys.

Sites with facts
A youtube video of the 75th anniversary march

Have you hear of Ukraine`s Genocide?
Do you believe it happened?

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