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4 years ago

I am sure some of you are aware of what happened to me at Kiehl`s last month and if you are not you can read about it /viz/kiehls-negative-haul-experience. After I had contacted them on facebook and made a post on luuux and tweeted about it because I was so angry. They had me message them and then I received a call from Donna Paty who is there National Education Manager and we talked about what happened and how I felt about what had happened. She asked me if there was anything they could do to make up for me and perhaps send me some products. I at first said no because I honestly wanted them to just own upto it and say they were sorry because honestly that is what mattered to me the most. But then she asked again so I did mention the Abyssine Cream which I had previously gotten a sample of with a purchase and as crazy as this sounds I found that this cream worked better than my Creme De La Mer which is like 6 times the cost of this cream haha. I had mentioned I`d switch over to it after I finished my Creme De La Mer anyways since I did like the results I had seen over the course of the week when I had used the sample and she had offered to send me the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, but I had previously tried those items and wasn`t interested as I have a feeling both of those two items have to be stored in the fridge as the texture and color of my sample changed before I could finish them. I also did receive the sample kit I was to receive during their promotion if I was going to recycle. I got the ultra facial moisturizer, creme de corps - the original rich nourishing cream, and the ultimate strength hand salve. I also received an apology letter. As strange as it seems that was the most important part even though I did in fact receive my sample kit and a $48 face cream but having someone acknowledge wrong doing was more important to me. The end result left me on a more positive foot with Kiehl`s. Like I said before I will still continue to shop at Kiehl`s and they have another stand alone store opening which I will shop at, but it may be a while until I step foot into the Southgate Mall/Centre location again. Have you ever had a bad experience while shopping that you brought the attention to someone at the company? If so what was the end result? Pictures are mine and you do not have permission to use them. Items were sent to me as a part of their apology, however opinions are my own.

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