Kiehl`s - A NEGATIVE Haul Experience

4 years ago

I have never in my life experienced bad customer service until Saturday at Kiehl`s Southgate Mall in Edmonton. I tend to only shop and eat at places where I know the service is on par with what I use to provide at Neiman Marcus when I worked there. Even though being an employee who worked hourly + commission, everyone got the same level of excellent customer service and I never tried to upsell or force products onto people or deceive them.

Kiehl`s had a promotion during Earth Month where if you brought any sort of empty cosmetic, skin care or hair care containers you would get a sample package which included 30 mL versions of the ultra facial cleanser, ultra facial moisturizer and a creme de corps body lotion.

So I grab a few empties and brought it to this location thinking I could still take advantage of this promotion. When I got into the store I asked the sales associate whether they were still doing the promotion and she said yes and said and "Oh it comes with a consultation" "Let me know what your skin type is" So she brought me over the the Rare Earth line and talked about the promotion and the line and it felt like I had to buy something to get the promotion so I was like I want my freebie so I will grab the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and a lip balm in mango which I love and get my freebie and go. As always Kiehl`s gives you 3 samples with every purchase. So I received the rare earth pore minimizing lotion, creamy eye treatment with avocado, and rare earth deep pore cleanser. I didn`t really need any of those products but meh I figured I`d eventually come to use them. So she put everything in a bag and I head out the door and then thought my bag feels a little light and looked in the bag and noticed I did not receive the freebie. So I went back into the store and was like wasn`t I supposed to receive that promotional sample package from you? She was like "Oh we ran out actually" "I did give you the packet samples." Well no duh you stupid beep I always get those thinking to myself. I felt like I was sold a lemon car and swindled by a shady car salesman, but I do not make a scene so I left the store and was quite ticked off and continued my shopping spree. Honestly she should`ve just said "Yes we are still doing the recycling program, but unfortunately we have run out of the sample packages, but if you have any concerns you would like to address with your skin I can give you a consultation." I would`ve sad no but thank you and left my empties for her to recycle because it is a good cause. So I was ticked off at this experience. I then got home and put a big rant on Kiehl`s Canada facebook page and they said for me to private message them which I did. So we shall see what comes out of it.

If you are curious or live in Edmonton and have been to the Kiehl`s Southgate Mall location I will let you know her sales associate ID is 1129 and she is a young asian woman. If you see her and she tries to help you tell her she`s shady and you do not want to deal with her for me.

UPDATE: This morning

Kiehl`s got back to me and said "Our National Education Manager, Donna Paty, will personally follow-up. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you."

We`ll see if anything even happens. But I am glad I got an apology.

Have you ever had a crappy experience at a store?
Have you tried any Kiehl`s products?

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