Kids Apologize For Bullying Old Woman

4 years ago

So yesterday I saw this video of an elderly bus monitor being verbally bullied by some children on a school bus. I think it is the most disturbing thing I`ve ever seen. The ten minute video shows Karen Klein being made fun of and threatened. I don`t understand how these kids can treat an old woman like that. They obviously have no respect for others and this was probably their sad ploy to looking "cool" in front of their peers. The video went viral and I came across this article from the Huffington Post stating that the two of the children came forward and apologized. Although they didn`t directly apologize to Karen, they did comment and apologize through reporters.

Personally, I don`t think the apologies were sincere. Kids will say anything if they are caught in the act or get in trouble. If they had a heart or a brain, they wouldn`t have done it in the first place. The only reason they are saying sorry is because they got in trouble, they got caught on video, and America hates them. I bet they would still say the same things if they were all in a room together.

Karen seems to agree. In the source link below, there is an interview where she says she wouldn`t believe anything that comes out of their mouths. A parent of one of the kids went to Karen`s home and apologized for his son`s behavior. Karen has also been offered a trip to Disneyland by an airline company along with other donations.

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