Kids and Beauty Pageants

I`m sure you`ve all seen or at least heard of the popular tv show on TLC called `Toddlers and Tiaras`. This series showcases little kids who enter and participate in beauty pageants, which in my opinion they should not be allowed to do. The parents claim that they are "raising the self esteem of their children" and "giving them a new perspective" on life, but really, all they are doing is torturing the toddlers or exposing those a bit older (7+) to negative influences and bad values, such that makeup, spray tans, botox, fake teeth and hair extensions are the key to beauty, when in reality this is not the truth.

The little girls who participate in these contests and pageants ruin their childhood. Kids shouldn`t be worried about what they`ll say to the judges or if their model walk is perfect or if their makeup or hair looks good, they should be in a playground, playing with kids their own age.

Furthermore, children shouldn`t be tortured. Do you know what these kids go through to look like their idol: a plastic and fake barbie doll? They go through painful waxing or plucking, unnecessary spray tanning, stinging false eyelashes , gruesomely painful hair extensions and much more.

This is my opinion on the matter, what do you guys think?

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