Kid Friendly Designs for Your Loft

4 years ago

A loft is essentially one large room with no distinctive walls or doors that separate the rooms. This lack of barriers makes it difficult to differentiate between rooms like the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. In order to create a kids room and design, there needs to be a way to keep the kids area separate but also make it blend in with the rest of the loft. Modern design and furniture will fit the theme of a kids room and will also blend in well with the rest of the loft. Modern bedroom furniture is sleek and looks uniform when put together. Modern furniture is also known for its functional properties. For example, a wooden bed frame will have drawers built into it for storage. Colourful rugs are a good addition to any kids room. It will also break up the space of the loft and provide a pop of colour. Hang the childrens art on the wall in their part of the loft to decorate the room and to showcase their work. Adding a coat rack in the front hall or by the door is another kid friendly piece of furniture. Painting walls in colours that kids enjoy like green and yellow but in a softer hue to add a more adult edge to it. Kids may also add their own designs to the furniture, like painting designs on their bookshelf or putting up pictures on their dresser. Adding a bit of their personality to their furniture will make a room more kid friendly. Kids may also help by re-painting their furniture in their favourite colours. It is a good idea to make a clear barrier between the loft and the childs bedroom which lets the child know which room is theirs and will give them some privacy. A curtain works well as a barrier but if there is not a way to hang the curtain, try painting the kids room in a different color from the rest of the loft. Another idea for a barrier is to have a small piece of furniture act as a wall. Make sure that the piece of furniture is not too tall nor does it have the ability to be pushed over. If safety is an issue try placing a toy chest or a long pillow as the divider for rooms. The bedding is also an important part of a rooms design. Allow the kids pick out their bed sheets themselves. If they do not care about the design, get a geometric pattern to match the modern design. Modern furniture is known for its use of geometric shapes and kids tend to like these kinds of designs. If sticking with the modern furniture plan, try to stay away from over decorating or making the loft seem cluttered. The main purpose of modern furniture design is to be as neat and simple as possible. For a kids room, buy furniture that is sturdy but nice to look. Just because kids may destroy furniture does not mean that old, ratty furniture should be bought for a kids room. Walls also need to be protected so paint walls with eggshell or a semi-gloss paint that can be cleaned easily. These types of paints allow scuffs or marks to be wiped off with ease. Another idea for a kid friendly design is to paint a small square on their wall with chalkboard paint. This way they can draw on the walls with no fear of getting in trouble and the chalk washes right off. There are many kid friendly designs for a loft. Use bold colours and sleek furniture for a kids room and it will blend right in with the rest of the loft. Nisha Sharma represents a site called She enjoys writing reviews about home design and DIY.

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