Keyboard Pants - Type In Your Jeans!

5 years ago

If you are a complete addict to your computer or don`t want to take the keyboard from the computer but still use it when you are far away from it, you can always wear it. Strange right?! But you can really wear a keyboard now.

This is called"Beauty and the Geek" (lol) and its a concept for combining jeans with a keyboard that is positioned close to your crotch, so when you sit down its in a correct angle to make typing easier.
The keyboard has a receiver and usb dongle that you can connect to the computer and still have a wireless typing experience.

Typing on your pants can be expensive than your average keyboard, costing 400$ each =X That is more than those professional keyboards, but then again you can wear those.
This model seems more for men but they will probably make different models for men and woman.
To be honest i don`t know if i would ever wear this lol i don`t really like the pants , its to expensive and it might seem strange to walk around with a keyboard in your pants but it does look original and it might actually be useful to use.

<strong>Would you like to wear a keyboard? </strong>

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