Kettlebells are a secret weapon of elite athletes and fighters. They have used kettlebell training to chisel some of the strongest, fastest, and most ripped physiques in the world. Even a short workout will burn fat and develop powerful core strength like you simply will not believe.

The reason why you can get in peak condition so quickly is because kettlebell training takes cardiovascular training to a new level! At the same time it develops incredible functional strength.

There`s a reason UFC, MMA, and Pride fighters look like they are in unstoppable condition. Its because they are! Think of the incredible stress they go through in three five-minute rounds with only a minute of rest in between rounds. These strong and ripped athletes are constantly going into anaerobic states with continued aerobic stress. They need ultimate strength in extreme positions and need to be very flexible at the same time. That`s why some of the best fighters and athletes train with kettlebells.

Remember all the chiseled hot bodies of the Spartan warriors in the movie "300"? Kettlebell training was an integral part of their conditioning.

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