Kettle Classic BBQ chips

4 years ago

I`ve tried these Kettle brand chips before, and to be honest, I think that they are okay. Depending on my mood and appetite, I might think that these chips are amazing or just all right.

They are very well seasoned. They have great taste. It`s the chips that annoy me. They are just so darn hard!! It`s like they are deep fried twice with how hard and oily they are. Despite those comments, though, I consider these to be healthy chips. I`m not sure why. I think it is because I see these at Sprouts and they say natural on the bags.

I`ve had the Sour Onion bag, and now I have Classic BBQ. I think it`s pretty good. I would love this brand if only the chips weren`t so crunchy.

Oh, and air makes up about 70% of the bag.

Do you like this brand?

-Picture is mine.

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