Ketchup and Mustard Crayons

5 years ago

Isn`t it so cool when someone takes the things from our daily life, regular things that we are used to use everyday, and transform it into something cool and creative? I think it is cool, so I really liked this idea of transform the ketchup and mustard bottles into something more unique and funny.

As you can see, they were transformed intro giant crayons, that instead of a regular trail of colored wax, will leave the right amount of ketchup and mustard on your dish, or hot dog... Just whatever you want.

It is a really cool and funny design, specially if you have kids at home... But just make sure that you call their attention to the fact that they are not really giant crayons, or someday they`ll just use the giant crayons to paint a mustard and ketchup masterpiece on your walls xD

If you like this idea and you want to buy these "crayons", you`ll have to pay $12.5, which in my opinion is a lot, but you know... It is really cool and unique.

What do you think of these ketchup and mustard crayons? Do you like how they look?

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