Kelly Brook - The Women Called Fat

5 years ago

I think that no matter what size you are you will always be called fat or too skinny, people will always have a reason to pick on you even if you look perfectly amazing and healty, that`s just how our society is, they will pick on you if your skirt is short,b ut they pick on you if it`s long saying it looks like their grandma skirt.... if you`re curvy they`ll call you fat, if you`re naturally skinny theyr`e call you anorexic.... and sometimes thye even call you fat if you`re skinny :x!
I think that Kelly is one of the most beautiufl women... Not only for ehr sexy curves but also for her face, she has such so beautiful face and hair... What i love the most about her body is that it is porportional, it`s notoceble thta he4r curves are real!

I don`t get how a women like Kelly can be called fat, she looks so sexy, healty and so gorgoeus... she`s curvy, and being curvy is diferent from ebing "fat, if she`s fat then I must be oevrweight defenitely... I don`t get all this negativity surrounding ceklebritie`s body, she looks fantaastic don`t you tihnk?

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