Kellogg`s Krave Double Chocolate Cereal

5 years ago

Omg.... I think I just died and went to chocolate heaven. I never thought I would find myself sitting here at my desk telling you guys about a cereal. But it`s seriously that good, that I had to let you guys know.

I usually only buy cereal that more adult based such as Kashi or Raisin Bran but this box of cereal had been begging me to take him home for weeks. I finally caved it when I saw it near the checkout at Walmart. After all, it was only $2 and some change and I had a 70 cent coupon for it. I normally would have passed this up but since the box stated that it was a "good source of fiber and made with whole grain" I thought I would give it a try.

The cereal I am talking about is Kellogg`s new Krave cereal in double chocolate (they also have it in plain chocolate). The name says it all, you will literally crave this cereal. I couldn`t wait for morning to come so I can help myself to a bowl of this deliciousness. lol.

I kind of regret purchasing this cereal though....because IT`S ALMOST GONE! I mean, I practically ate the whole thing. Good thing it only has 10 grams of sugar per serving otherwise I`d have to check myself into sugar rehab.

If you are a chocolate lover....try this. It tastes good on it`s own but as soon as you add milk, it tastes even better. Surprisingly it`s not that terrible for you. I has tons of vitamins, low in sodium, only 10 grams of sugar (less would be better but 10 is not too bad) and it`s made out of whole grain, milk and soy. It can even make for a guilt free late night snack or a great way to satisfy your chocolate craving during that time of the month.

Move over Coco Puffs.... there is another chocolaty cereal in town!

Have any of you ever tried this cereal?

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