Kelloggs Cracker Crisps Southwestern Ranch

5 years ago

I had picked this box of cracker crisps up at the market a couple weeks ago and had not gotten around to eating them yet, until tonight. I purchased these because I absolutely LOVE the sour cream and onion flavor, so I wanted to give another flavor a shot since just recently (about a month or two ago) Kelloggs released a few new flavors to their cracker crisp line, this Southwestern Ranch being one of then.

Now, youre probably thinking what is a cracker crisp? Well, its a bit of a hybrid between a cracker and a potato chip. If youve ever had a Popchip before, the texture is VERY similar to those, but slightly altered. The crisps are light, crispy and are flavored just right (well, the sour cream and onion ones are!). They are relatively healthy and the serving size is gigantic! Each serving gives you anywhere between 25-30 crisps (depending on the flavor you purchase) and theyre pretty large in diameter, plus with that serving there are only 110 calories associated with that. Low and behold a MUCH healthier option if you are looking for something to crunch on along with a sandwich, a side to a meal, or even just as a snack during the day or night.

Now in regard to the Southwestern Ranch I was disappointed. The flavor is VERY lack luster and doesnt remind me of southwestern OR ranch. Its just kind of blah. Ill probably get through the rest of them by dipping them in a little salsa or something, or eating them as a side to a sandwich but this flavor just did not do it for me, sadly. I may end up trying the cheddar variety that just came out, but overall, the sour cream and onion winds hands down for me!

<em>Have you ever tried Kelloggs Cracker Crisps?</em>

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