Ke$ha Debuts Studed Hairstyle

5 years ago

Ke$ha turns 25 years old today and is celebrating her birthday with the debut of an especially strange , but unique hairstyle.
Kesha debuted her new hairstyle on twitter as she tweeted on Tuesday with -
"It`s happening, I look like a homeless clown right now."

Apparently, Kesha shaved her hair a few days ago and just now decided to add in some studs that are glued in to her scalp. Along with that tweet, Kesha also mentioned making a comeback album this year in the spring and she talks about how successful it will be.

I think Kesha looks silly here! I don`t know why she is doing this lol? Maybe she wants some attention since she has been out of the spotlight for a while. When I first say it, I thought back to what Brittney Spears did a few years ago when she shaved her head completely. I`m not sure if her new album is going to be a hit, but I will wait and see. Hopefully, Kesha likes her hair since she can`t really remove the studs or else she will be bald!

What do you guys think of her new studs?
Are you excited for her album?

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