Keeping Your Home and Heating Habits Green for the Winter

4 years ago

Utility bills can be incredibly high during the winter months. After all, heating a home can be costly. However, by going green, one can not only lower his or her carbon footprint and help the environment but can also greatly lower energy bills. The following are some tips for how to shift heating habits so they are energy efficient during the colder months of the year.

Smartly Use the Thermostat
A programmable thermostat ensures that a heating system is only on when it needs to be. Thus, whenever the home is at the set temperature, the system will turn off. This is important so that heat is not wasted while sleeping or when away at work. When away for a few days, it is important to turn the thermostat down to its lowest setting. It makes no sense to pay for heat when one isnt even there. If a lot of people are coming over, it is appropriate to lower the thermostat since they will generate heat and raise the homes temperature.

Use Curtains and Drapes
Any barrier for the windows and glass doors is important. This limits the amount of heat loss that happens to a home. It is important to invest in thick drapes for large windows and doors so that heat is not lost. During the day, home owners should keep the drapes open and the curtains or drapes should be closed at night.

Shut Doors
The best way to keep heat in a room is to close the doors and make sure that heat isnt lost this way. If rooms arent used, for example the attic, make sure that the ducts and doors are firmly closed.

Winterize the Home
One of the biggest reasons for heating system waste is that there are gaps near the windows or doors. This means that hot air is lost and more heat has to be used, which increases energy costs. Investing in some small repairs means that all gaps between doors and windows are closed. Over time, this will add up.

Invest in a Humidifier
During the winter, air tends to be dry, which can make it seem colder than it is. A humidifier is rather inexpensive and adds moisture to the air. This makes it seem warmer and more comfortable so that the thermostat doesnt need to be touched.

The smallest of actions can have a huge impact on the heating efficiency of a home. It is important to be smart about when the thermostat is used. Simply putting on a sweater and making sure to close all doors can greatly warm a space without having to increase energy costs. Every little bit counts when protecting the environment and lowering utility bills.

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