Keeping it Local, Keeping it Natural

The horsemeat scandal has brought into focus for me that we often don`t know enough about where products come from or what`s in them. Whilst we may be shocked at the fact that our food contains horsemeat or indeed other animal products, many of us are still unaware that many of our everyday cosmetic and beauty products contain animal products. So if you look at your labels and see sodium tallowate listed as an ingredient, well that`s animal fat. And its more common than you think.

At Evergreen Body Care they`ve taken a different approach. First all of their products are handmade in the UK. This cuts down on the carbon emissions for those of you that are environmentally conscious. Secondly, they don`t use animal products in any of their cosmetics. Thirdly they use the finest natural ingredients such as shea butter.

So for an ethically sound alternative, this company is worth a try.

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