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2 years ago

Keeping track of all things beauty-related on or in your vanity can sometimes be a nightmare. I`ve spent years organizing and reorganizing things so that they`re accessible, visible, and usable (as in, positioned so that I`ll reach for it and use it). When I moved to my new apartment, I found that I had a drawer on my vanity and so was left with determining how best to utilize it. I bought some organizers and decided to organize some makeup and hair items since they would probably be best kept in the drawer where they`re easily accessible and yet not taking up room on top of the counter. And it`s worked!

I`ve divided my vanity drawer into three separate `parts`:

1. Makeup and Grooming
The pink tray in my drawer holds some of my most-used makeup and grooming tools. It`s convenient this way because they`re all in one spot and easy to access. They tray has four sections (see picture 2!). On the far left I keep my grooming tools like tweezers, nail files, and eyelash curler. The middle section has some of my most-used eyeshadows and the section on the right has my most-used face powders. The upper section holds the hand sanitizer I use before and after applying my makeup. This system has worked for me for almost a year now! :)

2. Hair Styling
The blue containers hold all my main hair styling items (not products, because those sit out on my counter top - and no, I didn`t intend on them all being blue... I bought them all separately and it just happened that way, haha!). Picture 3 shows the layout of all this. One bin holds all my hair ties (this is wonderful because we all know how these things go missing so often... having them all right here is a lifesaver!), one holds all my bigger hair clips (which I use to clip up my hair if I`m relaxing in the bath or doing my makeup, etc.), and the smaller container is divided into three smaller sections each with their own purpose, too. One holds bobby pins, one holds bendable clips, and ones holds extra buttons (random, I know, but they had to go somewhere and this spot worked, haha). It is seriously great when everything has its own spot like this - nothing goes missing and everything gets put back where it belongs! :)

3. Perfume Samples
I like little perfume samples because they`re great for popping in your purse or even a wristlet or clutch and using when you go out with friends. (Feeling a little sweaty [read: smelly] after dancing your butt off for a couple hours in the club? Solution: the little perfume you have tucked away in your purse! Seriously, doing this in college was a lifesaver some nights haha.) I actually use an empty glass candle jar to keep all these little perfume samples in. (See picture 4!) Whenever I use one up, I just go to the jar and pick out a new one. Simple and effective!

So what are the main things to remember when organizing a vanity drawer?
-Keep items categorized
-Designate a certain spot for all items
-Keep items easily accessible
-If you take something from a certain spot, put it back in that same spot
-Use a system that works for you!

Let me know how you keep yourself organized at your vanity! :)

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