Keep Us In Your Prayers

Hello again..
This is a bit different and I feel awkward asking for your time.

Recently my family has hit the down-fall. This is a bit of a long story but I will try to keep it short.

My husband and I moved in with my grandmother to help her out around the house, run errands, ect. I work online and my husband is unable to get a job. I love my grandmother dearly, she is the women that saved my life when I was 12 years old and was struggling with depression, while my mom was out partying and completely neglecting her responsibilities as a person and a mother.

About 6 months ago my mother moved in after losing her job and she was planning on moving to Florida with one of her friends. Well, 6 months later (Now) she is still here, crashing on our living-room couch. My grandmother has been paying her bills, buying her meds, buying her cigarettes, ect. My mother has stolen money from me, and my grandmother within the time that she has been here and has caused my grandmother to seep into depression.

There has been more said and done by her that will scar my grandmother and I for the rest of our life.

Recently, the bills have fell behind, the pipeline to our house is broken, her dog is very ill, and it just never seems to end. I`ve tried helping out as much as I can with the finances, but it`s never enough lately.

I`m not telling you this for attention, or to be a sob story. It`s taken me a long time to own up to what is really going on and ALL I`m asking for is to just keep my family in your prayers. I know things will get better eventually but we need all the support we can get at this point.

Thank you..

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