Keep Track Of Your Socks With A Scanning System

4 years ago

Do you ever misplace your socks or don`t keep track of them and when you know it you either to many socks or not many?!
Well, if you do there is a new system that will solve this problem.

The BlackSocks system includes socks with a code that you can then scan with an app on your phone and it will give you tons of details on the socks, much of them i have to say i find not so useful. You can see how many times that sock has been used, washed and if you have the pair of that sock or not and which one is it.

But keep tracking of your socks is not cheap because this system costs 189$ with a 10-pair of socks and the app. I don`t remember the last time i seen socks being so expensive and with that many you can get tons of socks, but then again, you won`t have everything organized like this and the idea of using codes and apps with scanners is interesting concept for other products, to create things like an inventory.

<strong>What do you think of this system to keep track of your socks?
Do you worry how many times your socks have been washed? lol</strong>

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