Keep or Return? Trench Coat Dilemma

4 years ago

I recently ordered a trench coat from Banana Republic on sale for $150 CAD ($250 regular), and am debating about whether I should hold onto it or return it..

I really wanted a good quality beige trench coat but they seem to be pretty scarce. I`ve also seen cheaper ones sold at other retailers lined with blue, yellow or other "funky" designs, but I really want a classic trench that I can wear for several years.

- The perfect color with a plain, classic design
- Got it on sale for $150, (now before you say its expensive, i`ve seen other retailers selling lower quality ones for $80-$120 so the price isn`t too bad)
- Haven`t seen other stores carry one in a similar style/better quality for a better price.

- The weather is getting a little warm for a jacket, so I wont have an immediate use for it until fall
- It still isnt perfect.. I am looking for one where the fabric is slightly waterproof, and this material would definitely soak up the rain, and is also wrinkle prone
- The belt loops at the back are too close together and I would need to get a tailor to detach them and put them farther away from each other on the sides of the body, so it looks less awkward when I wear it open
- Looks good closed, but looks slightly big and baggy when I wear it open (I can probably live with that)
- It doesn`t have a back vent, and I think having the back vent adds a more classic touch to it, and looks more expensive.
- I would be super mad if fall came around and much nicer ones were sold at more retailers.

Anyway, I think most people would say to return it and wait til fall, but if I wait, the jackets are probably going to be expensive since its the fall season, and it might sell out fast so I could be left with nothing LOL. Or I could just go nuts and get the Burberry trench.. Just kidding.. Now THATS expensive.

If anyone knows where to get nice trench coats with really good fabric quality, let me know!

So what do you think? Should I keep it? or return it and wait for the fall season?

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