Keep Motivated While Working Out!

4 years ago

So Christmas and New Year os over, spring is coming which means that SUMMER IS GETTING CLOSER (yikes)!!!
Personally nothing against summer, I love it, but the thing is that I also love shorts, skirts, dresses LOL... Going to university made huge changes on me, not only I get tired more easily that what I used to, as my eating habits have changed and a lot... I trully believe we should love and embrace ourselves for who we are, but I gained 10 kilos since I went to university and honestly that changed the way I see myself, I can`t deny that I have less self-steem than I had before, it`s affecting me!

It`s always so hard for me to work out and stay in shape for one ver simple reason... I`m LAZY! I`ll admit it, I`d rather be sit doing nothing than going for a walk LOL!
I don`t know if anyone here is on the same page as I am, I have some tips that work for me, maybe they can also help you:

- Work out with music - I don`t know why but music always makes a huge diference while I`m working out, especially if it is that one song I love!

- Work out with friends - I can never stay motivated when I`m working out, I just want to go home, to me running or going for a long walk with a close friend(s) is the best thing to do to keep me motivated :)

- try to "share" your diet with someone - if you`re with a group of friends or even with your parents and you`re the only one that has to eat vegetables and other healty food, while they`re having a meal at mac donals, it can be pretty unmotivating, try to find a friend, or even your mom to "share" your diet with, if you`ve got one more person on this journey with you, you won`t have to make such a huge efort to keep on track!

- NEVER go to supermarket - so this one really works for me! I "send" my mom and my roomate shopping because once I get there, I always have to buy cookies or french fries LOL, I just can`t resist them, this is the best trick I think ;)!

If you have got any tips, share them with me please, I want to read them :)

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