Kazurasei Anti- Aging Premium Wareiki Oil

4 years ago

Anti-aging Premuim Wareiki Oil

This worked as well as the pamphlets says, but not so much on firming effect. My skin was really dehydrated and my usual hyaluronic acid serum didn`t seem to be working as well in a change of environment and so I needed something more. Decided to give this a try.

I bought this in Gion at a famous Geisha shop founded in 1865 called Kazurasei . This shop specializes in hair accessories, ornaments and products made from Camellia oil. There is a series of products from the range which I love and hope to blog about the other products soon. Never fail to go down to the shop to replenish my stock when I`m there except the first day of new year, two years ago. I know! I went down to the shop, just trying my luck, they didn`t mention that they will be closed on the first day of new year, lots of other shops were open. This is actually the new addition to the product line, there is a pure premium Tsubaki oil in the range, but this premium oil has argan oil added to it and argan seems to be the "in" thing a year ago, I don`t know if it still is now.

A safe prescription of only natural ingredients

Camellia oil contains a high concentration of oleic acid, a natural moisturizing agent. For this reason, it has been called a mircacle oil. By adding argan oil to the mix, an ultimate beauty oil is born.
The effect on pores will lead to firm and luminous skin.
High performance anti-aging oil
Argen oil, produced from the kernal of the argan tree that lives in the environmentally harsh areas of Morocco, is also known as a rejuvenating oil and is very rare.
Rich in minerals, vitamins and polyphenols, it is said to be 4 times more of an antioxidant than olive oil.
A hyper-rich mixture, also comprising avocado, rosehip and apricot kernel oils
Super vitamin E helps blood circulation and antioxidant. With vitamin K complex oils to aid pigmentation problems, this oil is particularly effective in treating bags under eyes and skin discolorations.
Apply at night to feel the difference in the morning
After washing your face, blend in 2 to 3 drops of oil, taking special care of troublesome areas. Your skin will feel firmer the very next day.

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