Kate Spade Outlet Haul!

4 years ago

a few weeks ago i went outlet shopping one of the stores i went into was kate spade. i had been wanting to get a few of the enamel bangles for awhile now.

so i was ecstatic when i walked into the store and was told everything in the store was an additional 40% off!

i was drawn immediately to the bangles and was looking through them all and of course wanting them all, so typical. i knew i wanted one of the bow bangles in white definitely. i picked out 3 other single bangles, and a iphone 4 case.

so i took them to the register and the sales girl who had one of the most unfortunate voices i have ever heard said in the most flat bored sounding voice "you know they sell these in like sets of 3, so you like don`t have to buy them individually and they are a lot cheaper. did you see them over there?" admittedly i at first and my sister as well thought she was being a b*tch(not sure if i can swear, never had in a post before) for no reason and were confused as to why. so she walks us over to the bangles and sees that the one she was talking about wasn`t out and goes to get one to show me and continues to talk in this extremely flat bored voice and is showing me the bangles and then even showing me the ones she`s wearing and is telling us about a red jacket that pippa middleton was photographed in recently and that it was in the front of the store and did i see it when i came in. meanwhile all in the same flat bored voice. she was sooooo nice her voice was just so unfortunate(thats the only word i can think of to describe it).

anyways on to what i actually then purchased, i ended up getting the white enamel bow bangle, and the box set of 3 bangles the sales lady was saying i should see. which had a white and black solid bangles and a gold bangle with really cool raised round accents around it. which all work really well together or each on their own. i also got a super cute new iphone 4 case! the name of the iphone case is "matchbox lipstick".

i can`t remember how much i actually paid for all these items, and i don`t usually share that anyways. BUT i will say i remember it being i got all these items for a little less than the price of a single full retail priced enamel bangle! gotta love outlets!!

i put the case on my phone then realized i couldn`t really take a good quality picture of it now because i use my phone to take my pictures. so i had to use photobooth. so sorry for the not so great quality picture, but i think it still gives it justice to how cute the phone case is!

do you go outlet shopping? do you like the kate spade enamel bangles or the brand in general?

***pictures are my own.

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