Kate Middleton`s Dress Choice of Necklace!

3 years ago

I haven`t seen any posts of this on LUUUX yet, but if it is well I`ll give my thoughts on her outfit.
Personally, I love her style, she dresses simple and comfy to me at least. The surprising fact about this outfit is her necklace! Zara`s $35 dollar necklace!
When I first read about that, I was like wait, let me see the how outfit. And honestly, I love the fact that she picked the necklace. Whether it is $35 or $3500; Zara or full-blown diamonds, her necklace makes the outfit more suitable.
Another surprising factor is that, she wore this dress the year before too. Not only did she do that, she dressed up the outfit on a different level. Honestly, I have not seen a celeb or fashionista reuse an outfit or reuse it and dressed it. And now thinking about the $35 dollar Zara necklace, to me it shows that she can wear clothes that everyone else can buy. Instead of always being on top because she is Royalty, she also shows her self as a regular person.

Now I understand the necklace. And I love the fact she reused her dress. In the past she dressed this with no necklace and some stunning heels. In this one she wore an affordable necklace with black heels.

Kate Middleton KateMiddleton
35dollars reuse whitegown gown

What do you think of her outfit?

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