Kat Von D tattoo concealer DUPE!

4 years ago

Hello Fellow DUPERS!
Today I`m comparing the Kat Von D tattoo concealer cream and the Hard Candy Glamoflauge! So I`ll have to say first off that you don`t have to have tattoos to use this product! I mainly use it for my face because my tattoo is basically already hidden, unless I`m wearing a bathing suit. Ok the KVD just come with the tube of concealer for about $25 at sephora. And the HC is about $6 at Walmart and it comes with a concealer pencil as well as the tube, it`s basically a steal. I use this product everyday for under my eyes and I love finished look. I wouldn`t recommend it for people with really dry skin because it does tend to get flakey but normal to slightly oily skin is perfect. The difference between the two I would say it takes a few more applications of the HC to go over the tattoo then the KVD but for the price who really cares! Plus the pencil stick really helps getting the harsh edges of your tattoo. So I`m only posting pictures if the HC concealer over my tattoo because I didn`t want to do it twice and it looked exactly the same. For my placement of my tatto my pants rubs the concealer off through out the day but I know other people who`s last all day if its on their arm or something. I just did a quick cover up of mine to demonstrate, I have the lightest HC color and my body is really tan so is probably have to put some bronzer over top. But I hope you guys try this product so far I love the HC collection!!!

Source link: http://mobile.walmart.com/m/phoenix;jsessionid=B1D097B9A5990042A09370EB3DE43535#ip/HC-GLAM-CONCEALER-MEDIUM/15599852

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