Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

4 years ago

In a recent online Sephora order I got, one of the samples I`d chosen was this Kat Von D Lock-It foundation that I`ve been hearing a lot about, and since my MUFE HD foundation is almost empty, I`m in the market for a new foundation to try out. What better way than by sample to test it?

The real packaging (and even the sample packaging) scores major points with me. I think it captures Kat Von D`s personality, which is feminine yet edgy, and that`s what the packaging portrays. So love!

You can get it at Sephora for $34, and it comes in 14 different shades. Another major plus because with that much variety, you can be sure that you`ll be able to find the shade that`s best for you.

I have fair skin, and the sample I got (I didn`t get to choose) is Light 48. It`s kind of weird because even though I have fair skin, and I received the darkest shade of Light, I felt like it was still a little too light for me. I don`t know if I just got tan over the summer or what lol

One interesting thing about this foundation is that it`s supposedly able to effectively cover tattoos (hence the name), but since I don`t have any, I`m not able to test it out to see if it really works or not. Very unique feature to a foundation, though, for sure!

Here`s what I liked:
-It provides excellent full coverage. I prefer wearing full coverage foundations all the time just because my skin is very blah, and that`s one of the reasons why I used MUFE (Make Up For Ever) HD foundation exclusively for two years. However, I think this Lock-It Tattoo foundation blows MUFE HD out of the water with its full coverage, and that is definitely a good thing to those who want it.

-It`s lightweight. Many people have the common misconception that full coverage foundations instantly mean heaviness on the face. Not so. I apply it, and it feels absolutely weightless.

-It blends well into the skin. I don`t have to spend extra time buffing my face with the brush.

-It`s transfer resistant, so I don`t have to worry about any smearing throughout the day.

-Long lasting. It claims for 24 hours, but who wears it for that long unless you accidentally sleep with it still on? I get the point, though, and it definitely lasts for as long as you wear it.

-It evens out everything on my face, and looks really natural, not heavy or cakey.

-This foundation may be matte, but if offers some luminosity to the skin. Can you see it?

Here`s what I didn`t like:
-The foundation claims to be fragrance free, but it had a weird smell to it. Maybe it`s something that eventually goes away, but I wasn`t too fond of the scent.

-It`ll strongly emphasize dry skin. I have dry skin, and I do not exfoliate AND moisturize immediately prior to applying the foundation, it will definitely make dry patches much more noticeable.

-I also noticed that this foundation, when applied, can get a little sticky. When applied to my face, it FEELS like nothing is there, but if I touch my face, I can FEEL the foundation.

Overall, it`s an impressive foundation (the best I`ve tried to date), and in my opinion, is a lot better than MUFE HD (which is still one of my favorites, though). I`ll definitely be buying the full sized bottle!

Have you tried this foundation yet? If so, what do you think? If not, would you?


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