Karuna Age-Defying Face Mask

I have tried so many beauty products for my face that I`ve given up. My face is so sensitive and I have so many allergies, I don`t know wear to start. But, I`m going to give beauty products a go again! While window shopping at Marshalls, I came across a selection of face masks. Being a newbie in the face mask selection, I just randomly picked one that caught my attention that had the word `sensitive skin`. I ended up with this Karuna Age-Defying Face Mask.

Product Overview:

Brand: Karuna
Type: Age-Defying+ Face Mask with serum infused cloth mask
Skin Type: Aging, Sensitive Skin (I`m not yet aging, but I figured my skin is just as bad so why not? Can`t hurt it anymore right)
Mission: Vitality & Transformation
Solution: Wild Yam promotes younger looking skin, Elderberry extracts antioxidants helps protect skin and hyaluronic acid infuses moisture

Other facts:
- All Karuna masks have hyaluronic acid and peptides to renew, aloe vera and chamomile to hydrate and Chinese licorice and vitamin B to detoxify.

- Of course like all masks, this didn`t fit my face 100% which is a given
- Immediately as I placed the mask on my face, my skin was irritating like crazy! You`re supposed to wear this mask for at least 10-20 minutes and I managed to have the mask for a little over 10 mins
- I felt a clear, glow after taking the mask off and washing my face - it was really refreshing

Overall: Immediately after taking the mask off and washing my face, I felt refreshed and a glow on my face. But, this isn`t a mask I would repurchase until I can find one that bares with my super sensitive skin!

Have you ever tried a Karuna mask? Your thoughts?


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