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1 year ago

Hellooo Lovely Luuuxers!

Congratulations to last weeks winners Keep up the good writing!

So as we all have noticed this month passed by like a blink of an eye and of course this calls for a big shout out to my monthly favorites.

So without further ado. Please Enjoy!

1. Coffee Mug - Love Love Love this coffee mug that I got at Walgreens. I love to drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate throughout my busy day at work and why not enjoy them with a fabulous mug. The best part is that it says Worlds Best Mom (I know what you guys are thinking this mug is not for me to get, but I couldn`t resist the gorgeous design on the mug.

2. Steve Madden Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses I love me all things Aviator! My husband passed by my office to pick me up to grab some lunch and surprised me with these babies. Love the color, love how light they feel when I put them on, love the fact that they are perfect for the spring/summer seasons, and I love that my husband got them for me.

3. Waterproof vinyl TOUS Wallet I`ve recently went to North Carolina for some important events that my husband and his family took part on (Conferences and preaching) and my family traveled from Florida to spend some time together. Of course my mom never comes empty-handed. She got me this TOUS wallet that I absolutely love. Its hard to not just stare at it. One of the reasons why I love this wallet so much is because TOUS is not one of those brands that are overrated. Their prizes are just right, the quality of their products is amazing and their material is just absolutely gorgeous.

4. Microsoft One Note App - I am obsessed with this app and am absolutely happy that I found it. So I am currently designing my churchs website and this app is by far the best helper ever. This app works as a binder, it provides the ability for one to divide the notebook into sections and one is also able to add tabs within each section. I am also in the process of moving to a new home and this has helped me design each and every room of the new place as it gives the ability for the user to actually draw on it which is amazing. This App is a definite MUST HAVE!

Well, thats all folks! Hope you enjoyed!

What are your faves for this month? Let me know!


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