Karla Bakes: Banana Walnut Loaf :)

4 years ago

I love bananas but I tend to overbuy them. I only eat them when they`re kinda raw or when they had just turned yellow. As a result, i end up with alot of over ripe bananas. Well a perfect way to get rid of them is to bake :)

My brother loves banana bread so being the nice sister that i am, I decided to make some haha I tried looking for some recipes online and came upon the starbucks banana walnut bread recipe. Starbucks has the best banana bread so i was excited :P It took me about an hour to make it, time passed by quickly `cause i was watching criminal minds at the same time LOL! It smelled soooo yummy while it was baking, i swear i wanted to just take it out and eat it even though it wasnt done baking.

When it was finally done baking, i cut some for my family and i. It didnt taste like the starbucks banana bread at all. Maybe i made it wrong or something. Ohwell either way, this was soooo yummy. It was super moist and the walnuts gave it a crunch. The banana flavour was very light, my mom hates bananas and she actually enjoyed this. I will definitely be making this again!

I posted the recipe below in the source link in case anyone was interested in making it. It was super simple to make :)

<strong>Do you like banana bread?
What was the last thing you baked?</strong>

[ *Picture is mine, please do not take without my permission. ]

Source link: http://www.food.com/recipe/starbucks-banana-walnut-bread-384181

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