Karen`s June Chocolate Favorites!

4 years ago

Yay, June has ended and its time to put up my chocolate favorites of the month! I might have skipped doing this for a month or two because I wasn`t eating much then but I have rediscovered the wonders of chocolate, LOL! Oh my gosh, chocolate is great stuff which is why I`m finally able to be back today to do my <strong>June Chocolate Favorites</strong>!

<strong>My Favorites</strong>
<strong>Pocky</strong> Okay, so who doesn`t like Pocky? It is the singlemost delicious snack on the planet. Heck, its the best snack in the universe! Haha, if you don`t know what this is (which I should hope you do), this is a thin biscuit stick coated in the best milk chocolate ever. I just couldn`t not put this in my favorites because I love Pocky alot and I`m sure that those of you who have tried it love it as well! Just a tip: if you put this stuff in the fridge and then eat it, its awesome! Definitely recommended to all people of all ages! Share the joy :)

<strong>Dove Milk Chocolate</strong> You can see that the pack that I showed is already opened and those three pieces in the picture happen to be the only pieces left because my family and I managed to eat almost all of that bar already. I really like this chocolate because it is super creamy and rich while being affordable and I just like how its a really easy thing to eat! You can get this at most places like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. but I happened to get mines at CVS or Walgreens

<strong>Cadbury Milk Chocolate</strong> You guys can probably tell that I`m a milk chocolate lover, lol :) I discovered this brand 2 years ago while I was on my summer vacation to New Zealand to visit my grandma and uncle. We found this brand there and kind of fell in love with it because chocolate is like 10 times better in cold places like New Zealand was and so I was really sad when I was leaving New Zealand because there would be no more Cadbury chocolate! Well, guess what I found recently at my local Wal-Mart? You guessed it: Cadbury Chocolate ^^ I, of course, bought a few bars but for picture`s sake, I took a picture of the unopened pack.

<strong>What are your favorite types of chocolate? Have you tried any of these?</strong>

<cite>Pictures are mine</cite>

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