Karen`s DIY Phonecases :)

5 years ago

So yesterday night while my brother was watching Naruto on my computer (hehe, the little dork!), I sat beside him and for some reason that night, I felt extremely inspired to make somethin and be creative and since I saw my decorative tape nearby, I got the idea to make an attempt at making a phone case. These were my first attempts and I had no prior instruction to making these so it was conjured out of my mind with is why they`re not the best looking :)

First one (blue with checkers)- I took duct tape from any craft store (duck brand) and I make the base first, taping 2 pieces together to make them not stick. Then I took my phone and just built the rest around my phone, taking the screen and buttons into consideration. When I was done, it was just plain blue but I wanted to jazz it up a bit to I added the checkers on all the edges. This was my very first one!

Second One (purple and flowery)- this one was made of the thin fabric tape that I bought and posted about in my tape haul. Since it was my second case, I had already had a bit of experience so I tried this. I lined the inside with a different tape than the outside. This case is less sturdy and floppier. I followed the exact same instructions as I did for the blue case.

I know that they`re not perfect but please take into consideration that they`re my first attempts! I`ll be making more of these so I`m going to get much better :)

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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