Karen`s Cute DIY Hello Kitty Glasses!

5 years ago

Good evening Luuuxers! Today while at home with the 3D glasses from Titanic 3D, I thought back to a post I saw yesterday (I think). That post was about really cute Hello Kitty glasses and then I got the idea to make some of my own, just for fun. They were extremely simple and fun to make; I think they took only about 5 minutes to make, 3 of those minutes being waiting for my hot glue gun to heat up! Keep on reading if you want to know how to make your own cute Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses!

-Plain Nerd Glasses
-Red Craft Foam Sheet
-White Craft Foam Sheet
-Hot Glue/Super Glue

1. First, take your red craft foam sheet and draw and cut out an oval for the size you want to bow to be.

2. Scrunch the center of the oval in a zig-zag pattern so that a little round-tipped bow is formed.

3. Cut out a thin strip of red and glue it around the center of the bow, securing the shape.

4. Glue the bow onto a corner of the glasses or anywhere you prefer it to go.

5. Now taking your white craft foam sheet, cut out 6 thin and shirt strips. These will be the whiskers.

6. Flip your glasses over and glue the little whiskers from the back.

7. Cut and adjust the whiskers as necessary to make them even.

8. You`re done with your cute Hello Kitty nerd glasses!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading :)


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