Kardashians Sued Over Diet Pills

5 years ago

I recently posted about the Kardashians diet pills and how they can be dangerous ( like all weight loss pills). Well, that was just a week or two ago and i just came across the news that Kim and Khloe Kardashian, who endorsed diet pills back in 2009 called "Quick Trim" and they both claim to take them and helping them losing weight, something that i doubt.

Now a woman is suing them claiming that their pills didn`t help her lose weight at all. The pills have caffeine in it, like most diet pills, and the woman said that the pills and caffeine didn`t help.

To be honest, even though i don`t really believe in diet pills and always think people should just change their diet and exercise, i do think that the woman might had just be taking the pills and didn`t change much on the important part. But then again, it was not the first time i read about people complaining of their products.

Other interesting fact with the Kardashians endorsement is that ever since they became spokesperson for the pills they brought 45 million dollars to the company =O That is serious money!

Im curious to see how the law suit will turn out, but probably not in much.

<strong>What do you think of the whole situation? Do you believe in diet pills?
What do you think of the Kardashians endorsing diet pills?</strong>

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Source link: http://www.taletela.com/news/13566/kim-&-khloe-kardashian-sued-for-not-helping-women-to-lose-weight

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