Kardashian- Optical Illusion Dress- Hot or not?

5 years ago

Here is a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing a black and white dress. This dress was specially designed for her by a famous designer. It is suppose to fit to her body perfectly and enhance her curves.

The black on the dress is suppose to be an optical illusion type thing to make whoever is wearing the dress seem slimmer around the waist. The dress does this with it`s interesting design. It looks almost like an optical illusion. For one the dress is skin tight on her body and the center of the dress is white and on the sides, it is black. The black is darker near the waist area and the black slowly goes to the inside in a pattern that creates an illusion for the eyes. When I look at the dress she wears here, my eyes actually feel a little confused , but Kim does seem to have amazing curves here. I just don`t understand why she would need to wear this dress! Her body is already super and she has a nice waist, so there really isn`t a need to make her waist seem smaller than it already is I think. She should give me the dress, since I have no waist!!

What do you guys think?
Does it work?
Would you wear this?

I think it`s cool looking and I do think it works because I have to take a second look at Kim to see her real waist. I would wear this dress!

Source link: http://www.moillusions.com/2012/01/wear-optical-illusions-get-thin.html/kardashian-2

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