Kanye West designed amp selling Women`s Shoes!

Kanye West is doing a collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti whose a high fashion designer and he will be selling two pairs of shoes. Why shoes? I have no clue but he should stick with what he`s doing.. then trying to expand his "brand".

One is supposedly the more affordable (which isn`t affordable at all) but that one is a black high sandal heel. It has velvet, leather and a zip back so you slide your feet in. This pair will cost you $930 US. These don`t look very "unique" nor worth $930 at all but if I had to pick between the two this pair looks way better..

On to the second pair he designed which is the more unique pair, it`d cost you a whopping $5,888 US and it`s definitely one of a kind but not worth the money again, lol. The front of the sandals seem to be so heavy that it makes your feet look big if you were to wear them. This pair has a ton going on.. You have pearls, leather, zip opening to wear the sandals on.. and some sort of fabric? Totally not digging the style at all.

<strong>Do you think Kanye West did a good job on designing women`s shoes?</strong> I don`t think so.. he should try designing guys shoes first cause as of right now.. he doesn`t have taste in women`s!!

Want to purchase the black sandals?

Want to purchase the white sandals?

Photos via http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2012/03/would-you-pay-5000-for-shoes-d.html?intcid=edittrail

Source link: http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2012/03/would-you-pay-5000-for-shoes-d.html?intcid=edittrail

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