Kaitlin`s Easy Recipe for Sweet Corn Pepper Fritters!

3 years ago

Hi everyone! If you are in the need for a new lunch or even brunch idea, I have the perfect recipe! I found this recipe online and had to try it out because I have been obsessed with corn. You can use three cups straight off the cob or frozen. I used frozen. Simple whisk 3 eggs, with salt and pepper. Then add in the corn, diced pepper(about 1/2 cup), green onions(1/2 cup) and cilantro. Mix all of this well and then add in a cup of flour. I used whole wheat because I just like whole wheat better. Mix all of that together until the flour is completely incorporated. Adding more pepper if you like the taste, which I do. Then heat a skillet with olive oil. Use a tablespoon to place a heaping amount of mixture onto the skillet. It may be a little tough but keep it close and pancake like when doing this. Once it starts to cook all of the fritter will easily stay together. Let it cook on both sides for 3 min or until golden & brown. Remove from the skillet and get ready to serve! It yields about 12 or 14. This is actually a great brunch because you really taste the eggs. My mom said it is sort of like an omelet. We both ended up eating it with a side of ketchup. Overall I will be making those again sometime! Thanks so much for reading! Don`t forget to comment and let me know what you think!
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