Justin Bieber`s `Beliebers` Cruelest Fan Base?

5 years ago

Although I only added two tweets in the photo above there`s plenty more to support my point;

I`m a fan of Justin, Don`t get me wrong he`s a talented kid but I wish he would put a stop to the way his fans treat people. I was once what you could say is a `Belieber` until I started seeing random tweets from my twitter friends, Some threatening Selena Gomez, Some hating on random celebrities, and some hating on different people for changing their twitter name whether it be to support a different musician or just to change it in general.

I wouldn`t be able to live with myself knowing I was threatening someone for being happy in a relationship. I understand Justin`s fans are jealous, But the things they say to Selena... It`s so hurtful and it doesn`t seem to fase them.

I understand not everybody has the same taste when it comes to favorite actors/actresses, or musicians but tweeting them with hate filled comments, It pathetic. I`m sure we`ve all heard the saying; "If you don`t have anything nice to say, Don`t say anything at all." I`m sure that comes into play here.

I really wish they`d understand that just because at one point someones twitter name has something to do with Bieber, and then changes to something that I don`t know maybe has something to do with One Direction, Doesn`t mean they all the sudden stoped supporting Justin. Just because ones twitter name has something to do with Justin doesn`t mean that he`s their life. I absolutely adore Rihanna, But I also listen to Beyonce, and Katy Perry, and One Direction. My twitter supports Rihanna but that doesn`t mean I don`t support any other artists. A twitter name is no reason to send hate to one person, And not to mention a load of Justin`s fans are little, it`s just not right.

I know it`s not the nicest thing to say, But I honestly think Justin may have the cruelest fan base ever.

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