Justin Bieber: White Trash or Role Model?

So the all mighty Justin Bieber; the kid girls obsess over & guys look up to as a role mode was recently called "white trash" for what he wore to meet the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

I don`t like to do gossip posts because I`m not a huge fan of the way the sites/magazine portray celebrities. Many of them just want some privacy & it`s impossible to get it when cameras are constantly in their faces. That being said... this picture really angered me.

Are you telling me this rich singer is that busy he can`t take 2 seconds to change into a presentable outfit to meet the Canadian PM? Just last week I went from a casual outfit with minimal makeup to smokey eyes, a bun and complete outfit change in 15 minutes during a car ride in between events. Sure it`s not optimal, but it is possible to do. So the whole work boots, overalls, and backwards hat look is fine if you`re going to the VMA`s or a concert, but to meet your country`s Prime Minister....

He even went so far to Tweet "I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol"
WTH?!!?!?! You`re proud of this?
Yesterday, the DailyMail was not happy about his actions so they published his outfit and called him "white trash" for his choice of attire for meeting such an important figure.
So in his defense he claimed he went straight from a meet & great with fans after a show to meeting Harper. (again I say, it takes 5 minutes to change an outfit)
And the PM being a smart man & didn`t want to cause drama, he rushed to Bieber`s defense tweeting "In fairness to @justinbieber, I told him I would be wearing my overalls too. cdnpolitics beliebers"

So what do you think of Bieber`s outfit? White Trash or is he still a role model?
Do you think his dress code had anything to do with getting booed during the Grey Cup?

~*~ Image is not mine, found on eonline, source link below ~*~

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Source link: http://www.eonline.com/news/365844/justin-bieber-defends-against-white-trash-fashion-criticism-booing-after-meeting-prime-minist

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