Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stange During A Concert

4 years ago

It seems that things didn`t went to well for Justin Bieber on his show on the 29th when he puked on stage during the performance on a concert in Arizona.
While starting a performance he felt sick and puked in front of thousands of fans. He later tweeted that "milk was a bad choice", so it seems that it was milk that made him sick and the fact that he also had to perform made him feel bad. Speaking of feeling bad, i feel bad for the person that had to clean that up lol
His dancers did proceed with the performance and he leaved the stage quickly. It seems he also had to exit the stage a few times, always apologizing to the fans.

Poor kid, i don`t really care for his music but i do feel bad for him because not only its bad to feel sick and throw up but doing that in front of thousands of people and then probably millions because you just know this will go viral.

Watch the video. One thing though and that will probably find just as amazing as i did is the fact that is such a good singer that even throwing up he can sing because the music didn`t stop lol see the video but be aware that will see the puke.

<strong>Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? What do you think of this whole incident?
Do you think the video of hum puking on stage will go viral?</strong>

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