Justin Bieber Spit, Hits The Fan

3 years ago

Justin Bieber Spit Hits The Fan

Justin Bieber behavior has gotten out of hands. Lets look back at his spitting experience these past months. Recently Justin Bieber is currently facing a lawsuit because of an Ohio deejay Addison Ulhaq.

Addison Ulhaq admits saying Justin spit into his face, also spitting on a neighbor, spitting in a woman`s cup and now spitting on a fan?

As you can see in the picture Justin was picture spitting over his balcony at the Torontos Hazelton Hotel.

Do you find that rude?

Check source link.

Source link: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/07/justin-bieber-spit-on-fans-toronto-photos/

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